Zambia: Triple Crises Impact Agribusinesses in Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, Report Finds

Agribusinesses in Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia face challenges from Covid-19, climate change and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, AGRA’s ‘African Agribusiness Outlook Report’ says.

The report, which is the 3rd edition, is jointly produced by AGRA and IPSOS. It surveyed 1,623 small agribusinesses in the rice, maize and tomato value chains in Nigeria, Zambia and Tanzania, and the soybean, maize and tomato value chains in Zambia.

Dr Agnes Kalibata, President of Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), highlighted the crucial need for supportive ecosystems for agribusinesses, including access to affordable finance, stable business policies and effective regional trade systems.

The communique discussed revenue declines, sector impacts and strategies used by agribusinesses. Dr Kalibata noted, “Not much has been done to address the cumulative impact of the triple crisis on agribusinesses.”

Reflecting on the potential of these enterprises, she emphasised, “We must recognise the incredible resilience of agribusinesses amid the triple crisis.”

Collaboration is the key to addressing challenges in agribusiness in Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zambia. Working together to tackle climate change, economic instability, and food security will ensure a more secure and prosperous future for agricultural communities in the region.

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