Why the Correct Dosage of CBD Is Important

Individuals can find numerous CBD products such as edibles, in a CBD store and several online retailers. While these products can help address several health concerns, the key is to find the right CBD oil dose. This article will focus on CBD dosage and why CBD oil dosing is important. 

How Much CBD Should I Take

Starting dose for most conditions is somewhere around 20 to 40 mg a day. But everyone is different and while a 40 mg CBD oil dose can be the best for one individual another individual may find that 20 mg is best. The best CBD dosage comes from your body weight and tolerance levels. Research suggests low CBD doses of 1 and 50 mg led to significant improvements. 

Nonetheless, you should be too worried about high-dose CBD. According to World Health Organization (WHO), CBD is considered safe, even in large doses with users experiencing only minor side effects. Research on the safety of CBD in humans shows that CBD dosage as high as 1,500 mg is safe. 

To better address the question of how much CBD oil should you take, begin with a smaller dose of about two milligrams to see if you experience any effects. After taking a smaller CBD oil dose for a week, increase your dose by about 3mg. Repeat the process until you find that the CBD oil is working well for you. Also, understand your reaction to CBD when increasing your dose.

How to Calculate CBD Dosage?

Determining the appropriate CBD dosage can be a bit complex, as it hinges on various factors. These factors encompass your body weight, metabolism, the CBD concentration within the product, and the purpose behind using it.

For those who are newcomers to CBD, a prudent approach involves commencing with a conservative dose and progressively upping it until the desired effects manifest. This method mitigates the risk of side effects and facilitates the discovery of your ideal dosage. Most CBD items clearly specify the CBD quantity in milligrams (mg) per serving on the product label, and this data is pivotal for dosage calculation.

A widely recognized guideline suggests taking 1-6 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. For instance, if you weigh 150 pounds, initiating with 15-90 mg of CBD daily could be a starting point. Nevertheless, it’s essential to commence with a modest dose and gradually increase it over time. This gradual approach ensures a safe and effective CBD experience tailored to your unique needs.

Consider the severity of your condition or the reason you’re taking CBD when determining your dosage. Mild symptoms may require a lower dose, while more severe conditions may necessitate a higher one. 

CBD Dose for Pain

Individuals use CBD to gain relief from nerve pain, multiple sclerosis, or muscle pain. Some reports show that CBD can work effectively for pain when taken in a dose of 50-100 mg per day sublingually. However, the CBD dosage for pain is not similar for different individuals. Consuming mild to moderate doses of CBD oil will usually work to address mild pain such as low-level arthritis, minor headaches, and backpains. On the other hand, a high CBD oil dose will work to address more serious or chronic pain. 

How Much CBD Is Too Much

There have been very few reported cases of adverse effects associated with high doses of CBD. In fact, studies have repeatedly demonstrated that doses as high as 1500 mg per day are generally well-tolerated by humans. However, it’s essential to exercise caution and ensure the quality and source of your CBD products. 

In a notable case from 2020, a 56-year-old individual with no history of substance abuse or prior medical conditions experienced unusual behavior, vomiting, and slurred speech after consuming CBD gummies marketed for pain and anxiety relief. The patient had legally purchased these gummies from a gas station a few hours before the symptoms appeared. Fortunately, the individual made a full recovery the following day. This incident highlights the importance of obtaining CBD products from reputable sources and being mindful of the dosage, especially when trying new products. 

Bottom Line

Figuring out what dose of full spectrum CBD oil is right for you is easy because you can’t overdose so you shouldn’t worry too much. Nonetheless, finding the correct CBD dosage can be the difference you need to gain relief for your condition.


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