Travel Packing Checklist for Students


Traveling is fun, exciting, and memorable unless it is spoiled by the lack of some essentials. No matter if you plan your next two-day trip or are about to move to a college dorm, there are several important items you need to put in your bag. There are numerous important factors that will either reduce your packing checklist or make it way longer. 

The Destination

Depending on the country you go to, you may need to take different things. Start with the essentials and add extra items you may need in emergency cases. More things may be required for people who go to rural areas or faraway destinations. On the other hand, traveling to big cities, you need to take only personal and the most important items you cannot go without. The rest you will be able to purchase in one of the local stores. 

The Purpose of the Trip

While the overwhelming majority of businessmen take suits, boots, and other parts of the official outfit, unemployed professors, young students, and a range of other people prefer to take as little clothes as possible. Once you know the purpose of your trip, you can make the right choices and opt for the necessary things to add to your checklist. 

The Duration of Your Tour

You will not need five shifts of clothes if you are going to spend three days in a different city or country. Therefore, take only essential items you will definitely use, especially if you go by bus and will have to carry your bag around. 

The Climate in the Area

Warm sweater, gloves, and a hat are not necessary if you travel to Miami or similar destinations. The same way you will not use your swimsuit and T-short in Alaska. 

The best way to make sure your travel packing checklist coincides with your requirements and needs is by including universal things and essentials. No matter how long your trip will last or how many countries you will visit, there are a few items you will undeniably use. 

Universal Adapter

There is no way you survive without your phone. Even if you have the most powerful phone with long-lasting battery life, you will have to charge it at some point. The universal adapter is your only solution, as the outlets in various places may differ a lot. However, if you have an adapter, you can relax and stay connected to your family and friends. 


Although you do not pack apps in a bag, you need to make sure you have downloaded the ones you may require in a foreign country or a different city. Some translation services will help you communicate with locals; maps are necessary in order to find some destinations; messaging applications will give you a chance to keep in touch with the family.  


It may sound strange, but it may be hard to purchase deodorant in some countries, especially in Asia. Therefore, if you do not want to make people withdraw from you, get the deodorant from home. 

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Irrespective of your final destination, it is essential to have walking shoes at hand. No matter if you go hiking or just a day tour around the city, you need to feel comfortable at the end of the day. Comfortable sneakers or shoes are your way to a flawless experience. 


Following the stereotypes, students are always hungry. In fact, this is a true statement, as people prefer eating little snacks or on-the-go dishes all the time. It is important to stay healthy during your trip, so you need to avoid stomach ache and other health problems triggered by starvation. Simple home-made snacks can solve your problem really fast and efficiently. 


Despite this is not the first point in the list, it is probably the most important one. There is no way you go traveling without documents, especially visa, passport, plane tickets, and others. Even if you take paper ones, do not forget to make several copies, as they may be necessary for different facilities. Additionally, it is an excellent idea to have a copy of your travel and health insurance for emergency cases. 


Students who are diagnosed with any type of chronic disease should obligatorily take necessary medicine to avoid devastating health problems and abnormalities. It may be challenging to navigate a foreign drugstore in search of the specific treatment. At the same time, make sure you can cross the border with the medicine you have taken. 


A pair of quality headphones will never let you down, especially during the car or bus tour. Did your roommate fall asleep? Do you travel alone? Headphones may help you relax, focus on the beneficial atmosphere, and enjoy the trip. Additionally, they are frequently used to eliminate irritating noises and other unpleasant sounds. 


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