Seychellois bodybuilder wins gold in NPC Worldwide Pro Qualifier in South Africa

Seychellois bodybuilder Wallace Dorasamy has once again made it big on the international stage, this time winning gold at the NPC (National Physique Committee) Worldwide African Pro Qualifier held in Cape Town.

Dorasamy competed in the Bodybuilding and Men’s Classic Physique categories in the event at the Corpus Christi Panorama in Cape Town, South Africa on December 1.

Coached by Tara de la Fontaine and Jamie Dorigo, Dorasamy was able to claim the gold medal in the bodybuilding event.

The 33-year-old finished fifth in the men’s classic physique.

Dorasamy described 2023 as being his best year in the sport yet, and this performance as the best of his career.

“This year was my most successful year by far and I know it’s only the beginning as I keep improving year after year,” he told SNA on Wednesday.

The former footballer thanked his coach and girlfriend De la Fontaine and his IFBB Pro coach Dorigo, along with his family for all the support in his career so far.

Earlier this year, he won a gold medal in the open bodybuilding middleweight class at the Ryan Terry British Championships in Manchester the UK held from October 14 to 15.

Dorasamy also won silver in the men’s classic physique, and, in both categories, he was among eight competitors vying for the gold medal.

“As a high level athlete under contract with NSC (National Sports Council), I am grateful for the opportunity they have provided me to compete at the highest level,” he said.  

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