Seychelles’ judges meet with President Ramkalawan to discuss future plans and challenges

In one of their monthly meetings, the judiciary decided that they needed to meet with the President to discuss some of the issues they were facing. (State House)

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Member of the Judiciary of Seychelles shared their plans and challenges with President Wavel Ramkalawan in a meeting at State House on Tuesday.

The meeting came about after the members of the judiciary, which included judges from the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, and the Magistrates’ Court, decided in one of their monthly meetings that they needed to meet with the President to discuss some of the issues they were facing.

“It’s the first time we met with the head of state since his appointment and we spoke about the conditions of our services and our relationship with the various branches of the government. We of course did not have any discussions concerning ongoing cases that are before the courts,” said the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Rony Govinden.

He added that the judiciary has put several plans before the President. The plans include refurbishing the Palais de Justice building and other areas where they need more resources.

“Yesterday, I spoke to the media about the fact that we at the judiciary do not have our own incinerator to burn exhibits and this is one thing that we brought before the President. He agreed to support us,” said Govinden.

The Seychelles judicial system comprises several courts, the Court of Appeal, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the Magistrates’ Court, the Family Tribunal, the Employment Tribunal, and the Juvenile Court, as well as the Rent Board. It has a total of over 22 judges.

Govinden explained that at the moment, the judiciary is short of staff, and there is a need for more qualified people in certain positions as well as in legal research.

The meeting with the President was also assisted by representatives from the Ministry of Finance and other government departments.

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