Seychelles is no longer in state of emergency, says President Ramkalawan 

The President congratulated members of the public for their reaction to the day’s events. (State House) 

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(Seychelles News Agency) – Seychelles’ President Wavel Ramkalawan announced in a press statement in the late afternoon on Thursday that Seychelles is no longer in a state of emergency as of 5.50 pm.

Seychelles was in a state of emergency earlier on Thursday morning following an explosion in a storage area for explosives at a quarrying company in the Providence Industrial Area – the Civil Construction Company Limited (CCCL)- and damages caused by heavy rains and flooding in the northern region of Mahe.  

“As of now, the country is no longer in a state of emergency, meaning shops can now open and normal circulation of the public can resume, except at the Providence Industrial Estate,” said Rakalawan.

He confirmed that with regards to the explosion incident, 202 people from the affected area have been removed from their homes, and that several local businesses, hotels, and individuals offered them temporary shelter.

In all 178 people reported to the health centres with various injuries, with one individual, a police officer, still in the intensive care unit, while seven were admitted to the Seychelles Hospital.

The President congratulated members of the public for their reaction to the day’s events and many have come forward to offer help in various forms such as food, water and others.

He announced the opening of a relief fund called the 7th December Disaster Fund, in which people in Seychelles or abroad can make monetary donations in Seychelles rupees, US dollars, British pounds and euros.

In regard to the explosion, Ramkalawan stated that an investigation into the incident is already underway. The authorities are looking into whether there was any malice in the incident, while alternative areas where explosives can be stored are also being looked at.  

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