“PR We Are”: Seychelles’ honorary consul general in Bulgaria premieres hip-hop song


Behar decided to do the song with two very famous Bulgarian hip-hop singers, father and son, Big Sha and Lil Sha, living in Chicago for the past decade. (Maxim Behar)

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Seychelles’ Honorary Consul General in Bulgaria, Maxim Behar, premiered his first hip-hop song about public relations simultaneously in New York and in Bulgaria last week.

The single “PR We Are” was aired on Hot 21 Radio in New York and BG Radio in Sofia and is being aired on all major radio stations all over the world including the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) Paradise FM radio.

The song “PR We Are” is dedicated to the PR business, which Behar has been involved in for 30 years and achieved numerous global successes. It is the world’s first and only song about the PR industry.

It is available on musical platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, and more than 100 others.

Behar told SNA that the song was a serious project and through music, he just wanted to show the nature and also the importance of the business he spent the last 30 years of his life doing – public relations.

The founder and chief executive of the Bulgarian leading PR company M3 Communication Group, and former president of the World PR Organisation ICCO, teamed up with rap singers Big Sha, Lil Sha and American country singer Sarah Harralson for the single.

Harralson has four entries for Grammy Awards this year, and Big Sha and Lil Sha from Chicago are of Bulgarian origin. They have recorded songs with numerous superstars like Shakira and Rihanna. Shakira from Colombia is known as the queen of Latin pop music and Rihanna from Barbados is regarded as one of the most prominent singers of the 21st century.

The song “PR We Are” is dedicated to the PR business, which Behar has been involved in for 30 years. (Maxim Behar) Photo License: All Rights Reserved

“Totally by coincidence, we decided with two very famous Bulgarian hip-hop singers, father and son, Big Sha and Lil Sha, living in Chicago for the past decade. I wrote the text, Lil Sha did the music and in one day we recorded the song and made the video clip even. Then,  I really needed a female voice to make the “bridge” and to connect two parts of the song and – again – by coincidence met in a pub American country superstar Sarah Harralson who agreed to join us in this project. I had great passion, fun and creativity producing this song,” said Behar.

On why he chose the hip-hop genre, the honorary consul general, said, “One of the main reasons was that Big Sha and Lil Sha are masters in R&B or hip-hop and it was their style.  But it is also a musical style very popular in my lovely country Seychelles and I was sure we sing in one and the same language with my compatriots on the islands.”  

Big Sha, whose real name is Mihail Mihaylov, said, “It was very exciting to be involved in this project. For me, Maxim has always been a role model of how one should work and how one should behave in society, but now we have been able to see his professionalism in action. He really is world-class in everything he does. I’m sure the song will be a spectacular success in the international charts.”

Behar said he hopes to “continue to express what I think in different styles in music. Of course – the listeners are the main judges of whether I succeed or not. It is more or less like writing articles or books, this is the way creative people say what they want to say to the world. Simply in music, you must have other abilities and qualities you must have and develop every day.” 

The honorary consul general hopes that not only listeners in Seychelles but also from the whole world will understand the main message of the song: public relations makes the world go round.

“This is also the substance of our business, it underlines its importance and I am really happy this project went live. And also you can listen to the excellent video produced by M3 Communications Group, Inc. in Bulgaria,” he added.

Behar plans to continue his music career alongside his main PR business, where he was recognised as the Best PR Professional in Europe for 2022 by the influential PR Week magazine.

He has also published two books this year, received a state award from the President of Lithuania, and completed numerous successful business projects with his company M3 Communications Group, Inc.


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