Oshakati to write-off interest on pensioners’ municipal accounts – The Namibian

THE Oshakati Town Council has decided to implement an incentive programme to assist pensioners at the town by waiving all interest accumulated on their municipal accounts.

Katarina Kamari, the town’s spokesperson, revealed this on Wednesday.

According to Kamari, the council passed this resolution in November 2022.

She said only single residential zoned properties are eligible for the removal of interest.

“As from February 2023, all accumulated interest on pensioners’ accounts will be removed and council will no longer be charging interest on pensioner’s municipal accounts,” Kamari said.

This decision aims to relieve the economic burden of senior citizens.

Kamari said pensioners often live with many people in their houses, which causes their bills to rise and they are unable to pay the entire amount.

“So, we decided that since the interest gets high, let’s write it off. The elders want to pay but the interest is too high,” she said.

“It should, however, be made clear that the waiving of interest on municipal accounts does not include the waiving of rates and taxes, other municipal charges or accumulated debts,” she said.

Kamari said the council conducted a registration process for pensioners at Oshakati between 2021 and 2022.

“Another registration of pensioners will commence as from 23 February to 29 March 2023. This is only for the pensioners who did not register previously,” she said.

Pensioners are required to bring along their identity document and a document indicating their municipal account number or a correct erf number.

“Pensioners who have already registered with the town council are not required to re-register,” Kamari said.

She said revenue collection for the town is very important as it permits development, and the council will continue to investigate mechanisms that will enable residents to pay their municipal accounts on time.

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