Malawians Worried With Rise of Pink Eye Disease – 26 Cases in Mzimba South Registered

District director of health and social services Prince Chirwa says the district has registered 26 conjunctivitis cases, also known as pink eye disease.

Speaking in an interview yesterday, he said the eye disease was first registered in Mzimba North where they recorded 38 cases.

Chirwa said the disease is contagious and asked communities to observe cleanliness and avoid touching eyes.

“In short, the same measures used to contain the spread of Covid-19 apply with pink eye.”

He said: “People should clean their hands regularly, avoid touching eyes, sharing personal items such as towels and pillows and cover the mouth when coughing or sneezing and observe other hygienic practices.

“In short, the same measures used to contain the spread of Covid-19 apply with pink eye.”

In random interviews, it transpired that some people were yet to get information on the outbreak. However, others who are aware of the outbreak, asked authorities to intensify awareness messages to contain the infection.

A resident, Raphael Gondwe, said he heard about the eye disease but asked authorities to escalate awareness messages to save people from the disease.

“People should know the signs and symptoms and know how to prevent it,” he said.

But Chirwa said they are using community radio stations to create awareness about the disease.

The disease was first detected in Karonga District in February this year. It has since spread to Nkhata Bay, Chitipa, Likoma and Lilongwe districts.

Signs and symptoms include pink or red discoloration of the white part of the eye, swelling of the eye lining, increased tear production, itching, eye discharge, eye pain and visual disturbance.

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