Malawi: Water in Lake Malawi Rising – Now Govt Is Very Worried

Officials from National Water Resources Authority (NWRA) say they are worried with the unprecedented rising of water levels on Lake Malawi.

They say the water levels on Lake Malawi reached 494.97 meters above sea level (masl) as of January 3, 2024, 52 centimeters higher than the corresponding period last year and any other year in the last twelve years.

NWRA says in a statement the increase is due to normal and above normal precipitation in the past few years as well as the effective and efficient management of the Lake Malawi- Shire River Hydrological system through the operations of the Kamuzu Barrage.

The statement says the situation entails that the Lake level would continue to be higher than the last hydrological year.

People have since been advised to avoid constructing or carrying out any activities below the 477 masl contour line along Lake Malawi as this is illegal.

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