Malawi: Undule Backs Chakwera’s Attendance At UNGA – ‘Summit Offers Numerous Opportunities for Bilateral, Multilateral Discussions’

Governance and human rights advocate Undule Mwakasungula has spoken in support of President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera’s physical attendance at the 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Summit in New York, US, next week.

Mwakasungula argues in a press statement shared with us on Wednesday night that UNGA could be a gateway to economic opportunities and unlock economic prospects for Malawi; hence, the need for Chakwera not to miss the summit.

“The assembly’s sidelines are rife with meetings, discussions, and negotiations. Leaders have the chance to meet with business magnates, investors, and heads of international organizations. For Malawi, this can mean attracting foreign direct investment, securing grants or loans, or initiating trade partnerships,” he wrote.

Mwakasungula further argued that while the immediate costs of attending the UNGA might raise eyebrows, especially amidst economic trials Malawians are facing, the long-term prospects for Malawi are undeniably significant.

He said it was therefore a strategic investment in diplomacy and international relations, which, if leveraged correctly, could yield significant returns for the nation’s development and economic recovery.

He said for Malawi, a country grappling with economic hurdles yet eager for growth and development, UNGA is not merely a ceremonial event, but symbolizes a distinctive opportunity, a strategic platform to articulate concerns, establish alliances, and court potential investments.

“As debates intensify over the financial implications of the President’s UNGA trip, it is imperative to understand the broader ramifications and the prospective benefits Malawi stands to gain.