Malawi: Sports, a Key Tool for National Development


Minister of sports and youth affairs, Hon. Uchizi Mkandawire has emphasized the need for the development of different sporting activities in this country as this will help in developing Malawi across all sectors.

The minister retaliated that through sports, alot of people are able to generate huge amounts of money.

He was speaking this on Saturday 23 March, 2024 when he presided over the Limbe leaf tobacco company 2023 under 12 and 15 tournament finals in Lilongwe.

“What I mean is that, basically there is quiet alot that is happening in sports, whereby those that are participating as athletes are able to make earnings in form of money, but we also have football administrators, we have refrees, we have coaches, so this is a source of employment and other people which also do events management they find space,” Mkandawire said.

He also highlighted that when we talk of sports supporting various sectors one of it is tourism, as people travel from one destination to another alot of people generate revenue as well.

Managing Director of Limbe leaf tobacco company Don McAlpin, articulated that this Limbe leaf has been investing heavily in this tournaments in order to ensure that no primary school in communities lacks the opportunity to better its sports program or expose its players to the opportunities that sports affords.

“During the tournament last year, the company noticed that due to the shortage of sporting equipments in our schools, schools were willing to do anything to get into these positions and secure prizes, especially the sports kits, even under declaration of ages of players.

“To encourage good sportsmanship and maintain integrity of the tournament the company increased the budget of the tournament from $11,000 last year to $20,000 so that more teams could be afforded the opportunity to access the sporting kits and boots,” he said.

He also added that this 40th year tournament is an indication of the company’s commitment towards sports and education development in the local communities.

The tournament has been running for 39 years as of 2019 and they resumed this year after 3 years break due to outbreak of Covid-19 making this its 40th year of commemoration.

This year the preparation games involved 470 primary schools from rural and urban Lilongwe and the total number of participating students is 34,440 pupils.