Malawi: Sale of Bonya Stopped With Immediate Effect in Rumphi

Rumphi District Council has asked traders along the lakeshore areas to stop selling small Fish locally known as Bonya for sustainability of fish in Lake Malawi.

Fisheries Extension Officer for Chitimba to Tchalo area Othaniel Duwe says the council has observed that the common Fish being sold in these markets is Bonya hence the need for intervention.

Meanwhile Chairperson for Chiweta Market Pilirani Mkandawire says there is need to put much pressure on ending the use of illegal fishing gears which are used in catching small fish and traders will be forced to sell big fish.

Restoring Fisheries for Sustainable Livelihoods (REFRESH) Project Technician Lackson Madise said they decided to engage the traders because they have influence in fish business and are hopeful that they can bring a positive impact.

Rumphi District Council in partnership with Find Your Feet through REFRESH Project with funding from USAID, engaged traders from Chitimba, Chiweta and Mlowe to find ways to eliminate the availability of illegal fishing gears there.

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