Malawi: ‘Roll-Up Your Sleeves and Get Back to Work for Better Tomorrow’ – Chakwera Urge Malawians

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera says following the devastating effects of Tropical Cyclone Freddy, Malawians cannot afford to mourn with hands folded on, but rather roll up their sleeves and get back to work to rebuild the country for a better tomorrow.

Presenting Cyclone Freddy assessment report before parliament Wednesday in Lilongwe, Chakwera said in this dark hour, we cannot afford to allow anyone in our midst to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that what is before us is a temporary challenge.

The Malawi leader emphasized that if we are to see the light of a new dawn again, we must take necessary steps now for safeguarding a brighter tomorrow.

“This is one of the darkest hours in the history of our nation and if we are going to emerge from this dark hour and see the joy of a new dawn in the future, we must all roll up our sleeves and get to work,” he said.

“If we are going to see the light of a new dawn again, we must take stock not only of what we must do together as a nation but also of the things we simply cannot afford to do.”

On this point, the president also advised Malawians to do away with political rhetoric and finger pointing but only concentrate on issues that add value to the situation at hand.

Said the Malawi leader, “The only questions that matter in this moment are, what has the cyclone done to our country and people? and what must we each do to meet the challenge until we rise from this calamity.”

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