Malawi: Rights Activist Tells Government to Deal With Middlemen in Government Offices

Rights activists are calling upon the government to deal with middlemen popularly known as dobadobas who are found in most government offices offering critical services, thereby fuelling corruption in government offices.

Moses Mkandawire, chairperson of the National Alliance Against Corruption has since asked the government to establish a task force which should probe the involvement of the middlemen within various government institutions.

Some people have been complaining that they cannot get a government services in some key government offices without going through the middlemen who demand money.

Government offices where the middlemen are found include the Immigration Department, National Registration Bureau, and the Road Traffic Directorate.

Mkandawire has expressed his dismay over the situation, citing its promotion of corruption incidents.

Heurged authorities to deploy intelligence officers to uncover the reasons behind the tolerance of middlemen within these institutions.

But government spokesperson Moses Kunkuyu said the government’s established system does not endorse the involvement of middlemen in its operations.

Kunkuyu has blamed officials who fail to adhere to anti-corruption policies by allowing the presence of middlemen within their respective institutions.

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