Malawi: President Chakwera Launches OGP National Action Plan Tomorrow

Malawi President Dr Lazarus Chakwera is on Tuesday June 6, 2023 expected to launch the first ever National Action Plan (NAP) for the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

In a statement which office of President and Cabinet has released Chakwera is expected to open the launch function at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) at 9 am.

As a matter of background, during the National Anti-Corruption Conference in Blantyre, on 25 July, 2022, the State President expressed strong commitment to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) and undertook to ensure that Malawi would regain its ‘active’ status in the OGP by the end of 2022.

This 2023-25 National Action Plan is the last component of a series of activities for reactivating Malawi’s national membership in the OGP.

It spells out collective commitment to achieving accountable, responsive and inclusive governance. The essence and efficacy of a plan is in its implementation.

The commitments, which include more openness and transparency, responsiveness to legitimate public demands and accountability among others, made under this NAP already fall within the remits of the various lead agencies.

The initiative encourages all Controlling Officers in the Lead Agencies to ensure that appropriate activities leading to the desired results outlined in the NAP are implemented, monitored and reported on a regular basis.

NAP is an outcome of collaboration of many players. The document has been prepared through a well set Steering Committee, the Multi-stakeholder Group and the Institute for Policy Research and Social Empowerment (IPRSE) that facilitated the development of this NAP.

The process of developing this NAP has been done with technical and financial support from the Chandler Foundation, Open Contracting, Open Ownership, the National Democratic Institute and the OGP secretariat.

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