Malawi: Parliament Adopts Motion on Political Party Financing

Malawi Parliament has adopted and passed a private members motion that proposes operationalization of Section 40 (2) of the Constitution on political party funding, which had no legal framework regulations.

Member of Parliament for Zomba Ntonya, Nedson Phoya, introduced the motion where the provision in the Constitution shall now be regulating the administration of political party funding, and other matters incidental thereto if the bill is enacted.

Currently, the Constitution targets political parties that amassed at least 10 percent of the votes during general elections.

“We want every party represented in parliament to benefit from the funds,” he said.

Phoya said section 40 subsection 2 of the Constitution does not provide regulations on how to operationize the legislation hence to enact an amendment.

He gave an example that the funds will come from public coffers’ consolidated funds that should be accounted for by looking into how they have used it.

“Are they being audited? This is another major issue that is going to be included minus an element of getting 10% of national vote during general elections which shall be removed so that every party gets a proportion of the funds,” explained Phoya.

Phoya told the August House that this scheme will help to phase out corruption activities that politicians have been attempted with from business tycoons who have had interest doing business with government.

He added: “When a certain political party gets into power, these political donors or funders becomes investors. So, we need to deal with such things.”