Malawi: Local Govt Minister Chimwendo Deeply Worried With Bullets Invincibility, Tells Nomads to Wake Up


Local Government Minister Richard Chimwendo says Big Bullets continued winning of the trophies is no longer a cause of delight as there is hardly competition on the domestic league.

He wrote on his Facebook page:

“I was a bout to Congratulate Bullets for taking yet another Cup . I must admit sizikukoma we need some kind of real Competition. This does not help our Footbal and Bullets in Particular. Bullets will not develop much as there is no competition for them. They would be feeling this is the best they can offer . Wake up Manoma . Wake up Silver,” he said.

However his followers have differed sharply in welcoming the post.

One wrote:

“It’s not about competition my hon. Minister in my view completion is there if you look at super league how it ended that was photo finish hon. A team winning a the league with 1 point difference that clearly tells you how competitive the league was compare to last season.

“When it comes to cup games luck plays a big part, castel cup both semifinals and finals ended in post much penalties and the luck team won the shoot out. And other two cups bullets played a mid table team and did you expect bullets to loose those two cups to mafco? No way. Sometimes let’s have a critical analysis for what actually happens in football circles.”

The other one wrote:

“The challenge ‘ve honorable Sir, is that this Nena is fond of buying reffs and linemen, a close look @how these guys officiate every match of Bullets leaves a lot to be desired. A slight push within 18 yard box u see them being awarded a penalty whilst there opponents are summoned for offsides… competition is there,just for instance Manoma played much better n quality interesting soccer in the just ended season but mmmmmmmm kukhiyidwa osati masewela. To understand that Bullets football is corrupt watch them when they encounter foreign clubs, they bath goals. This team needs to be investigated and @ the same time if found guilty be banned for years without option tizaonera mmpira okoma mzaka zimenezo.”

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