Malawi Launches ‘Visit Malawi’ Branded Taxi in London

Malawi has on Wednesday launched “Visit Malawi” branded taxi in London in a bid to position Malawi as the best tourism destination in the world.

Minister of Tourism Vera Kamtukule launched the taxi in London along with some ministry and embassy officials.

Writing on her face book wall, Kamtukule said this endeavour is not merely about putting a taxi on the streets of a foreign city.

“It’s a symbol, a tangible representation of our unwavering commitment to employ innovative destination marketing initiatives.

“Initiatives like this branded taxi play a crucial role in our ongoing efforts to build the Malawi brand,” she says.

She says the story Malawi is telling the world is not just about the country’s stunning landscapes, warm-hearted people, or the rich culture.

“It’s about a country on the rise, a nation that believes in its potential, and a people who are united in their determination to showcase Malawi’s greatness,” she says.

Kamtukule said “Visit Malawi” taxi isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s a mobile ambassador.

“As it cruises through the vibrant streets of London, it carries with it the hopes, dreams, and promises of Malawi.

“With every passenger it transports, it whispers tales of the Warm Heart of Africa.

“It shares the magic of Lake Malawi, the splendor of Mulanje Mountain, and the cultural richness of our land,” she says.

She says this is not just about reaching international audiences; it’s also about connecting with them.

The minister says when a Londoner steps into this taxi, he should feel a part of our world, they should see Malawi as an inviting, vibrant, and accessible destination.

“Today, in this diverse and cosmopolitan city, we are unveiling our aspirations and showcasing our dedication to global tourism.

“As we launch this taxi, we’re launching a piece of our hearts. It’s a testament to our vision, our dreams, and our commitment to becoming the ultimate travel destination,” says Kamtukule.

She says the government intends to launch similar taxi services in Manchester and other cities.

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