Malawi: Justice At Last As Man Gets Mk2.8rn for False Irnprisonrnent in 2004

High Court in Zomba has awarded MK2,800,000 to Ganizani Mtaika as compensation for being falsely imprisoned and staying in jail for 14 days.

Mtaika’s battle for the settlement has not been easy as he fought for justice for nearly 20 years since the incident.

In 2003 he was working as a Security Guard for the then Securicor Malawi and was stationed at Fargo office in Limbe.

On the night of 9 October 2004, Mtaika reported for work. He was later contacted by the main office asking if a robbery had taken place at the premises, to which he said no. He was repeatedly asked the same question several times that night and his response remained the same. No robbery had taken place.

At around 9 pm, police officers visited the premises to carry out an inspection. The search showed that nothing was stolen at the place since everything was intact.

At wound 10 pm, officials from the company changed the guards on duty and advised Mtaika and his colleagues to go to the police. When at the police station, the company officials were told that a search took place and nothing was stolen. A Supervisor from the company however insisted that Mtaika and his team must be arrested because that was what the company had instructed to be done.

On the fourth day of arrest, the company gave Mtaika and the others suspension letters to sign, but they refused. The three guards eventually spent 14 days in custody at Limbe police station.

They were taken to a Magistrate Court where they were charged with breaking into a building and theft. Bail was granted and the matter was heard for four months. After it all, they were discharged since nothing was stolen and there was no break-in.