Malawi: How Malawi Is Fighting Infant Mortality Through Mother Care Group Initiative in Ntchisi

Mother Care Group (MCG) an initiative which started in 2019, has been hailed as a vibrant initiative aimed at reducing infant mortality rate in the country.

A visit to different districts where this project is taking place, opinion leaders these include members of clergy, Traditional leaders, political party leaders and health workers have all agreed and opined that MCG project has done a lot in as far as protecting under five children from the jaws of early death is concerned.

Senior Group Village Headman Chiwinga from the area of Traditional Authority Chilowoka in Ntchisi says before the coming of this initiative in his area, his area experienced a lot of infant death but now since its coming of the project the situation has drastically improved.

“Let me commend Malawi Health Equity Network (MEHN) for this MCG project, this is a healthy strengthening immunization system where in my area we have managed to scale up immunization systems within the household this has come due to low immunization coverage in the past which led to high mortality rate,” he said.

Village Headman Phale, of Traditional Authority Chilowoko in Ntchisi concurred with his counterpart saying the situation in his area is just good now courtesy of MCG projects.

He said women are able to meet together and share common ideas and improve their economic status. “The do meet regularly for their vaccine projects where they are able to encourage women to vaccine their children but after that they engage in Village Bank, this is really good, ” he says.