Malawi: Henry Mussa Sick in Prison, Fails to Show Up for Court Bail Hearing

Former power cabinet minister Henry Mussa is sick in hospital, a court in Lilongwe was informed on Tuesday.

Mussa failed to turn for his bail hearing at the High Court when his lawyers said he was down.

However, it was not known what he is suffering from and his current condition.

Meanwhile, the High Court will deliver it’s ruling on July 11, 2023 on his bail application and that of former director of Information Gedion Munthali pending appeal.

The appeal case returned to the High Court in Lilongwe on Tuesday, but failed to proceed because lawyers for the appellants are yet to file and serve the state with relevant documents laying out their arguments for the appeal.

The defence lawyers told the court that they needed time to file amended arguments or grounds for the appeal.

The presiding judge however condemned both parties for what she described as “wasting Court’s time and your time as well”.

Judge Idai Mugwira said she will not entertain any other excuses and “we will not have another adjournment”.

“We need to make progress. You need to be on top things. No more excuses. We will reconvene on 11th July and I shall also make my ruling on the bail application pending appeal on the same day,” she said.

Justice Magwira then directed the defence to file and serve amended arguments by 23rd June and the state to reply by 7th July 2023 with hearing proceeding on 11 July 2023.

Mussa and co-convict Munthali were convicted of conspiracy to steal and receiving stolen goods in relation to the ten computers and a Genset at Ministry of Information.

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