Malawi: Chief Kaomba to Appear in Court Tuesday

Chief Kaomba of Kasungu, who was arrested on Friday on forgery charges, will appear in court on Tuesday, May 16, 2023 in Kasungu.

Police say the powerful and influential senior chief is expected to take plea.

Police have arrested the chief on allegations that he faked a letter purpotedly from President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera promoting him.

He was arrested with two other people.

The letter says President Dr. Chakwera had promoted Chief Kaomba to Paramount Chief.

Kasungu Police Spokesperson Joseph Kachikho said the letter bears a signature and a stamp of one of the Kasungu district council officers who is not aware of the letter.

Senior Chief Kaomba, whose real name is Eliya Ngalande Kaomba and the other two Joseph Kaunda aged 37, and Levison Chauma Makombe aged 63, have since been charged with two counts of forgery and uttering a false document.

According to Kachikho, the three are currently on police bail waiting to appear before court soon.

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