Malawi: Chief Justice Bemoans Rising Corruption Cases

Chief Justice Rizine Mzikamanda has bemoaned the rising corruption cases in the country and has since asked Malawians to internalize integrity for the country to register meaningful development.

Speaking on Sunday during the commemoration of the centenary celebrations of St. Paul’s Cathedral of the Anglican Church in Blantyre, Mzikamanda said it is worrisome that corruption is the order of the day due to lack of integrity among citizens.

“Integrity is doing a right thing even if no one is seeing you.

“The church has the role to preach integrity, human character, obedience, hard work and provision of social services to citizens,” said Mzikamanda.

Hr implored Malawians to never compromise their Integrity, regardless of circumstances, which he says is the formula that would help curb corruption.

“Integrity is a virtue we all must aspire to. When you talk about integrity, let us not pay lip service…the corruption that is around us is evidence that we lack integrity,” he said.

He went on to add that those who put their faith in God are usually steadfast when it comes to upholding integrity.

“It is even harder when we’re plagued by the challenges of life such as sickness,lack of jobs… but even when your integrity is tested, let us do what is right. St. Paul’s Cathedral is still standing today because the people who were tasked with building this church were people of integrity, ” he pointed out.

The centenary commemoration started on Friday with a History presentation through Saturday where a parade was held in Blantyre round Clock Tower before reaching a climax today with a Mass celebration.

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