Malawi Championing Women and Girls Rights to Close Gender Gaps – Monica Chakwera

New York, U.S.A. — Malawi is championing women and girls rights to close the gender gaps in the country by creating an equal society for all, First Lady Monica Chakwera has said.

Madame Chakwera made these remarks during the equal campaign summit by Organisation of African First Ladies for Development (OAFLAD) in New York on the sidelines of 78th United Nation General assembly.

She said Malawi’s incumbent leadership is committed to empower women and girls through education.

She said: “Malawi, under president Chakwera, is putting qualified women in higher positions. It is safe to say that most powerful positions are held by women.

The First Lady emphasized the profound significance of closing the gender gap that hinder the potential of women and girls in a society.

“Malawi stand to drive a change to empower women and girls through bursary program based on vulnerability criteria targeting girls and boys selected to grant aided secondary school by not leaving anyone behind,” she said.

Madame Chakwera explained that the deeply-rooted gender norms and discriminatory practices have hindered the potential of women and girls in the society hence the need to unite to ensure girls receive education on par with their male counterparts.

She urged traditional leaders, religious figures and political leaders to recognize and championing the equality of girls and women protecting them from gender based violence and promoting their participation in decision making processes.