Malawi: Chakwera’s Son, Rev Nick, Makes Controversial Remarks About Religion and Politics in His Book

Reverend Nick Chakwera, son to president Lazarus Chakwera, has taken a controversial swipe in his book about religion and politics challenging that politics is not ndale and religion is not just about preparing people to going to heaven.

In the 365-book, titled Religion and Politics: Why Christians Must Participate in Politics, Rev Nick and colleague Fatsani Kwenda argues passionately, using historical and biblical, that religion and politics are inseparable, adding the only reason people feel they are inseparable is because the two have been wrongly defined and used.

“Since politics and society cannot avoid morality/ethics, and since morality is in the domain of religion, then religion and politics can never be separated.

The ethical concerns of politics, namely justice and the common good, are also the concerns of any religion worth its salt. We cannot imagine how some arrived at the conclusion that religion and politics are separable,” they argue.

Politics as ndale, they argue, has shrunk politics to a measure of a dirty game played by dirty people. While religion, as seen from the definition of preparing people’s return to their creator, they advance, has removed the clergy from taking a critical role they are supposed to play to make life better for people they serve before they return to their creator.

Instead, Rev Nick and Kwenda, advance that politics is an art or science of governance and establishing justice and common good, as such, Christians or religious people are needed in politics because governing with justice requires such standards of ethics acknowledged and pursued in sincerity by genuine religious people.

If you need the book, please get in touch, through WhatsApp, on this number: +265994305953.

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