Malawi: Chakwera Urges Malawians to Shelve Political Differences to Rebuild Malawi


Malawians must shelve aside their political affiliations and walk and work together through a journey of reconstructing mother Malawi, which is currently bleeding from effects of the ravaging Cyclone Freddy, President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has said.

Addressing the nation Wednesday night on the state of natural disaster occasioned by Tropical Cyclone Freddy, the Malawi leader stated that once the mourning period is over, Malawians should come together and make painful sacrifices regardless of political beliefs to make our country stronger and more resilient in readiness for future disasters.

President Chakwera said people should accept that no one will come from somewhere else to rebuild the country for us.

Said Chakwera: “During the coming season of national rebuilding and reconstruction, we will all need to put our political differences aside and make painful sacrifices to make our country stronger and more resilient in readiness for future disasters.

“We must accept that these natural disasters will continue to happen and we must accept that no one else but us is going to rebuild what we have lost or prepare our country to withstand the next disaster better than this one.”

Chakwera explained that the survival of our nation, our lives and the sustainability of our development will depend on the actions that we will take as a nation in the coming months.

“And tomorrow, I will not only let you know what we have done so far to respond to the disaster and the role we must each play in that effort, but also the role we must each play in the national rebuilding work that must immediately follow.

“This is our moment to rise from the ashes together, and I am counting on all of you to say yes to this challenge,” he said.

So far, 225 people have been reported dead from the cyclone with one family from Chilobwe Township losing twelve members at once.

President Chakwera has since asked for coordinated efforts from all stakeholders if recovery efforts are going to bear fruits.

He has asked for more support from the international community because the gravity of destruction is beyond imagination.


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