Malawi: Cases of Unsafe Abortion Soars – in 2023, Malawi Registered 35 000 Unsafe Abortions

Government says the country registered unprecedented 35 000 unsafe abortions last year, renewing calls for the country to ease abortion laws so that they reflect the situation on the ground.

Abortion is illegal in the country as it is only supposed to be done in extreme instances where the life of woman is said to be in danger.

The alarming new unsafe figures are now prompting authorities to resurrect the abortion debate so that swift measures within the abortion laws are put in place to protect young women and adolescent girls.

Health Systems Coordinator for Ipas Africa Southern Region, Christopher Kandionamaso said Lilongwe topped the list with 7 851 cases.

He has since asked Members of Parliament to review the abortion laws and enhance investment in women and girls’ sexual reproductive health rights, including ending child marriages, teen pregnancies, and gender-based violence.

Chairperson for the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Dr. Mathews Ngwale, says there is a need to scale up massive sensitizations targeting rural masses to understand abortion issues and push their Members of Parliament to change the law.

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