Malawi: Authorities Close 65 Cyclone Freddy Evacuation Camps in Blantyre

The authorities in Blantyre have closed 65 cyclone Freddy evacuation camps.

There were 92 evacuation camps at the peak of the cyclone Freddy disaster but now only 27 remain.

At least 13,510 people in the city district were displaced after their houses collapsed following floods and mudslides occasioned by the storm last month.

Meanwhile, district health office spokesperson, Chrissy Banda said they are vigilant to curb any outbreaks that may emerge due to the current situation.

Meanwhile, a traditional leader in Phalombe has said it will take time to fix problems caused by the disaster.

According to Village Headman Mwanawawa from Traditional Authority Chiwalo in Phalombe who said in his life on earth, he has never witnessed a disaster that broke homes and communities like Freddy has done.

He said, despite various stakeholders rendering support to victims of Freddy induced floods; the gravity of poverty likely to befall them is unimaginable as people have lost homes, crop fields as well as livestock.

“We have lost our livelihood and at this point it will take years for us to recover because our source of income has been lost due to Freddy” lamented Village headman Mwanawawa.

While appreciating the assistance being provided by various stakeholders, Mwanawawa has appealed for more support especially plastic sheets for people to use in roofing their homes as they plan to re-establish themselves.