Malawi: 34 Million Trees Earmarked for Planting in 2023/24 National Forestry Season

President Lazarus Chakwera has today, Thursday, launched the national forestry season in which government officials say 34 million trees have been earmarked for planting.

The launch took place in Mpasa Hills in Phalombe which was devasted by cyclone Freddy last year.

This year’s National Forestry Season theme is “Forest Innovation in Action: Reforestation for a Sustainable Tomorrow.”

Writing on his face book wall, President Dr Chakwera said his administration is deliberately focusing on innovation because we realise the importance of cutting-edge technologies and practices in addressing climate change challenges.

“I implore you all to join the fight against environmental degradation by planting more trees on our respective premises and any other land designated for such purposes,” he said.

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