Insurers Association of Seychelles confirms that CCCL blast is covered by insurance policies

In the aftermath of the explosion, one of the main concerns raised was whether this incident would be covered by insurance at all. (Seychelles Nation)

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(Seychelles News Agency) – Claims relating to the massive explosion at Civil Construction Company Limited (CCCL) at the Providence Industrial Estate, which caused enormous damages to businesses in the area and residential houses nearby on December 7 are still being processed by the respective insurers.

In the aftermath of the explosion, one of the main concerns raised was whether this incident would be covered by insurance at all.

SNA spoke to the chairman of the Insurers Association of Seychelles, Percy Quatre, on whether such an incident is included in the different policies offered by insurers here in Seychelles.

“Yes, explosion is normally covered under the Fire and Perils, Home Insurance or Assets All Risks and each respective insurer may have minor variation in its definition, subject to respective policy exclusions. Motor comprehensive would also cover explosion, again subject to each insurer’s definition, but not Motor third party policy,” Quatre said. 

He added that currently, all the insurers involved are in contact with the people who have submitted a claim relating to the incident.

“All clients are being advised on what to do and how to handle the claim process,” said Quatre.

The chairperson said that at this stage, “the respective insurers are currently still gathering information. We are recording all incoming claim requests and visiting sites, to take photos and assess damages.”

He confirmed that insurance companies involved are facing certain challenges while investigating the different claims they have received. One is getting access to the CCCL site and getting the services of other professionals to quantify the damages.

Quatre said that the claims are still being processed and that in some cases the claimants have yet to submit all documents required. No claims have been awarded yet.

The President of Seychelles, Wavel Ramkalawan, in a press conference a week after the two disasters said, “430 houses have been visited and there are possibly more. The number of residents we estimate has been affected is around 1,400 and 43 houses are severely damaged, 118 less severe, and 269 needed minor repair.”

Ramkalawan said that when questioned most of the owners said they did not have insurance.

For the homes that were badly affected, he said that the government gave its engagement that it will repair the houses so that the victims can go back to their homes.

For those houses that will need to be demolished, the government has put aside SCR1 million ($75,000) per house for people to rebuild their houses.

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