Full Vibes music group to perform in Seychelles on Dec. 1

Friday’s show has been dubbed “Remember Zion” taken from one of the most popular songs on Full Vibes’ first album. (HYPEDXB)

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(Seychelles News Agency) – Fans of the Full Vibes musical band with a mix of singers, including Seychellois, will be able to see the group perform live in Seychelles on Friday after over 20 years.

The last time the group performed in the island nation was in 2001 and some members left since then to perform solo careers.

The promoter for the show on Friday, December 1 from 7 p.m, at the National Sports Council (NSC) hall at Roche Caiman, Daniel Vadivello, known as Ezy D, told SNA that all is set and ready.

“Preparation for the concert has been going very well. We started the production process on October 1. So we have had two full months. It’s been very heavily marketed, to be honest,” said Vadivello.

Friday’s show has been dubbed “Remember Zion” taken from one of the most popular songs on Full Vibes‘ first album.

Full Vibes made up of Seychellois musicians and other nationalities was founded in March 1999 in Canada. The founding members were Allen Camille – lead singer, George Camille, Rocky Camille, Maurice Camille, Howard Johnson, known as King Shadrock, and Chris Hogan.

The group broke up 10 years ago for various factors mainly due to individual family commitments and career paths. The current group is a mix of musicians and only three members from the last visit to Seychelles in 2001.

Vadivello said, “The concert is highly anticipated with a large turnout expected due to the band’s popularity in Seychelles and the number of hit songs they have. The band has 10 members and this is a large group. Emphasis has been placed on live music, which was the band’s DNA for success all these years.”

The show is expected to be over three hours and fans can expect to hear all their favourite Full Vibes songs sung live like they have enjoyed on the various albums over the years.

Vadivello told SNA that getting the group together was a hard and lengthy process.

“The executive producer behind this concert was very persistent and resilient. It took almost one year to reach an agreement because the rest of the original members were either not interested or very hard to get hold of. To be honest, this is probably the last time Seychelles gets to hear Full Vibes as a band live in Seychelles again, so it’s like history in the making,” he added.

Vadivello said the organisers, which include HYPEDXB and MV Lights & Sound with support from Cable & Wireless and K-Radio, wanted to keep the tickets reasonable despite the high cost of production.

Tickets cost SCR 250 ($19) and are on sale at various outlets on the three main islands, Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue and delivery is also done.

Vadivello said “Unlike all the other live large-scale concerts, we will not be increasing ticket prices at the gate. However, because of the venue limitations, we have a set number of tickets on sale. Once it’s sold out, it’s done. You will not get in. So, advance purchase is advisable.”

He added that Allen Camille, the lead singer, will also release an album, which will go on sale at the concert on Friday. 

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