Beach soccer: Seychelles hosts 3-nation tournament for national day festivities 

All matches will be played at the Beach Soccer Arena at Roche Caiman. (Seychelles Nation)

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Beach Soccer enthusiasts will be able to enjoy their favourite sport in a three-nation tournament as part of the activities to celebrate the Seychelles National Day on June 29, said the local football federation.

The nations participating in the six-day tournament are Seychelles, Burundi and Madagascar.

The competition will start on June 23 and the final is set for June 28, one day before Seychelles officially celebrates its national day, which falls on the island nation’s Independence Day.  

Aside from the Burundi national team and Barea from Madagascar, the tournament will feature eight selections with six from Seychelles.

The national team will split into two, White and Blue teams, a national under-20 selection, a selection of players who normally compete in 11 a-side football called classic 15, as well as two teams made up of players not in the national selection – Sand Warriors and Lost Boys.

Burundi are currently ranked 100th in the world, according to the latest beach soccer world rankings, compared to Seychelles who are 57th in the world ranking.

The two national selections of Seychelles will be coached by Travis Julienne and Herald Kowlessur. This will give both coaches the opportunity to experiment with their players as they look to continue developing the national side.

The teams will be split into two groups for the tournament, with Seychelles White, Under 20, Barea and San Warriors making up group A, with group B consisting of Seychelles Blue, Classic 15, Lost Boys and Burundi.

All matches will be played at the Beach Soccer Arena at Roche Caiman, with free entrance to all the games, including the final on June 28 at 7.45 pm.

According to the organisers, there will be lots of prizes on offer, where aside from trophies for the winners, there will be individual prizes, including a match of the match award after each game.

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