Africa: Stop Colonising African Economic Assets, Chakwera Tells West

Malawi President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has told Western governments to stop colonising African economic assets and financial systems.

Chakwera has also discouraged African leaders from stashing corrupt proceeds in Western banks and to prosecute western citizens that aid corruption in Africa.

He made the remarks a short while ago at the Strategic Dialogue on Health organised by Foundation S and The Africa Europe Foundation and Democracy Delivers by USAID.

The Strategic Dialogue on Health convened Heads of State and Governments to discuss how they must support communities to adapt to climate risks that affect health systems functionality and health service delivery.

Chakwera said being someone with fresh memories of how effects of climate change affects health systems, he decided to advise global policymakers to improve early warning and response systems, enhance healthcare infrastructure, amplify community voices on climate action and transition to cleaner energy sources.

At the USAID event, the Malawi Head of State raised strong concern and displeasure at the increased erosion of constitutionalism in some parts of Africa where non-sanctioned elements are snatching power from democratically-elected leadership.

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