8th political party: Seychelles National Alliance Party registered by Electoral Commission 


Lucas presented to Padayachy (right) the chairperson of the newly formed party, the official documents and a certified voters’ register on Wednesday. (Seychelles Nation)

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The Seychelles National Alliance Party (SNAP) is now the eighth registered political party in the Electoral Commission’s register.

The chairperson of the Electoral Commission Seychelles, Danny Lucas, presented the newly formed party with its official documents and a certified voters’ register on Wednesday in a ceremony at the Commission’s headquarters at SACOS Tower in Victoria.

Lucas presented Vincent Padayachy, the party’s chairperson, with the certificates and documents.

Lucas said that the new party “had passed the two months of vetting and scrutiny needed in order to be registered.”

The conditions for registration as a political party included providing 100 endorsement signatures.

The other members of SNAP who accompanied Padayachy were Cyril Lautee as vice-chair, Godfra Hermitte as secretary general, treasurer Allen Dogley, and founding member, Ernesto Lionnet.

Padayachy told reporters that SNAP “will work to raise the level of all Seychellois from lower to upper class.”

He said that the party will be talking to voters in halls in districts and will have door-to-door meetings to explain better what their programme and aims are for the advancement of Seychelles.

The next presidential and legislative elections in the Western Indian Ocean archipelago are scheduled to be held in 2025.

In preparation, the EC has inaugurated a Delimitation of Boundaries Committee tasked with providing data necessary to establish how extensively electoral boundaries will be adjusted in the country.

Once work is completed in January 2024, the Delimitation of Boundaries Committee will submit its report to the Electoral Commission, which will in turn produce a provisional report based on which consultative meetings with the public will be launched.


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